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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0640

    Item Title/Name: BraillePen Bluetooth Braille Access for iPad

    Vendor Name: Ablenet Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $199.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: An awesome, easy, efficient and affordable way to operate your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. With Apple's release of iOS 4.3 BraillePen Slim gained these capabilities too. The BraillePens are little Bluetooth Braille keyboards. The BraillePen 12 also has a 12 cell Braille display and a joystick. You can use Braille commands or the joystick to move forward or backward between icons, set rotor settings,open icons, press the Home key, etc. The Braille keyboard is used to write text messages, emails, web addresses, notes... whatever you need to write. Your Braille writing is accurately translated to print as you go. Because these connect to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad via Bluetooth, there are no wires. You can have your "i" device in your pocket and run it from the BraillePen in your hands. Although the "i" devices are accessible with a system of hand gestures, this can be a cumbersome and time consuming way to use them. The BraillePen works with VoiceOver to make both navigation and writing clean, clear, and efficient.