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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0612

    Item Title/Name: Switch Latch Timer (Dual) Ablenet

    Vendor Name: Ablenet Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $119.00

    Availability: Checked Out

    Model Description: Use AbleNet Switch Latch and Timers whenever you need to add Modes of Control to any switch accessible toy or appliance. Use with any pre-adapted device, or use our Battery Device Adapter to create your own adapted toy or appliance. All Switch Latch and Timers include three modes of control that determine the amount of time the appliance operates once the switch is activated. Timed Seconds: Runs appliance from 1 to 60 seconds with each switch activation. Timed Minutes: Runs appliance from 1 to 60 minutes with each switch activation. Latch: First switch activation turns appliances ON; second activation turns it OFF.