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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0601

    Item Title/Name: Spinning Communicator (12 cell recordable)

    Vendor Name: Enabling Devices

    Approximate Cost: $166.95

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: The slightest touch rotates the carousel! Allows the most limited user to communicate special needs. This easy access device works well for users who cannot access other communicators. It can be used in the classroom to match objects with words or pictures. Each of the 12 sectors has 18 seconds of recording time. With this storage capacity one might have songs or nursery rhymes recorded in the carousel. Icons can be changed with the turn of a screw. Pictures not included. Blank doughnut sheets included. Size: 12" Diameter. Icon Opening: 2¼" x 2" x 1½". Requires 4 AAA Batteries.