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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0593

    Item Title/Name: Neo 2 Alphasmart Word Processor

    Vendor Name: Ablenet Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $149.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: NEO 2's simple design and built-in writing tools make writing so much easier and more enjoyable for your students. Your students just press the instant on/off button and start writing. The NEO SmartOption Mobile Lab helps you assign, collect, edit, and disseminate student's work. And because students submit their work electronically, it's easier for you to evaluate student work and provide individualized instruction. Write On! Lessons provide 387 built-in lessons to assist students with specific aspects of their writing. Linked Files allow you to attach rubrics, checklists, and more to support students during the writing process. Google Docs enables students to store, edit, and share documents, then retrieve them later from any NEO 2 or Internet-enabled computer. Wireless Printing saves time and keeps students on task by allowing them to print documents right from their NEO 2s. Gather Daily Formative Assessment Data With NEO 2's built-in classroom response system, you can engage your students in the learning process while easily monitoring student understanding of the lesson. Read more about using NEO 2 with the 2Know! Toolbar and AccelTest. Build Keyboarding Skills with KeyWords Curriculum KeyWords, NEO's built-in keyboarding curriculum includes language-based lessons that build vocabulary while improving keyboarding skills. Read more about KeyWords or View the Keyboarding Video. Send Files Wirelessly to Google Docs! Students can send their work wirelessly from their NEO 2s to Google Docs, Google's online document, presentation and spreadsheet application. Read more about NEO 2s connection to Google Docs. Get Audible Feedback for Your Struggling Writers Combining the NEO Text2Speech hardware device with NEO's built-in SmartApplet software helps students convert any written text into spoken words. Read more. Wireless Printing Students can spend more time on task with NEO 2's wireless printing feature. Just press the print key on NEO 2, and send your documents directly to the default printer. Extraordinary Battery Life NEO provides up to 700 hours of use on just three AA batteries. Lightweight and Portable Weighing just two pounds, NEO can be easily transported from school to home, where some families don't yet have access to a computer. Ruggedly Durable Tossed in a locker or jammed into a book bag, NEOs can take what students dish out. No internal moving parts, flip screens, or mechanical disk drives mean that NEOs will continue to function flawlessly even after being dropped. Multiple Font Sizes A variety of font sizes can be selected, from two-to-six lines of text, to accommodate students with vision challenges. Instant On/Off and Instant Save Students just turn on their NEOs and go. Learning to use them is a snap, and there's no waiting for programs to boot up, thanks to their instant on/off button. There's no worry about lost data either because NEO 2 saves students' work instantly.