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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0517

    Item Title/Name: The Writing Bin CD Mac/Win (On Laptops Only)

    Vendor Name: Learning Magic Inc

    Approximate Cost: $69.95

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: "The Magic Bookshelves" is a collection of eighteen original non-fiction books developed by Learning Magic, Inc. and utilizing the SoftTouch, Inc.®'s electronic book application My Own Bookshelf®. This collection provides a wide variety of reading material presented in a narrative style. Note: Because of the exceptionally rich assortment of movies associated with these books, the two bookshelves plus the installer completely fill a CD. Therefore The Magic Bookshelves ships as EITHER a Mac or as a Windows version CD. You must choose the platform you will use when you place the order. The Magic Bookshelves CD is in the final stages of production, and we are taking advance orders now. As soon as the first copies are burned, we will begin shipping. Those who take advantage of this advance order option will receive a link to a bonus book about a mountain bike race. (Bonus offer runs until shipping actually begins.) So be one of the first to enjoy these books, and get a sneak peak at the wide variety you will find on The Magic Bookshelves! Please note: The textual content in "The Magic Bookshelves" books can easily be changed to meet the needs of individual students. For checkout with installation on laptops only.