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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0504

    Item Title/Name: Co:Writer & Write Outloud Bundle Mac/Win CD 2006 (Available for check out)

    Vendor Name: Don Johnston, Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $385.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: For stand-alone trials without the laptop check out. Write:OutLoud For struggling writers, translating thoughts into writing can feel overwhelming. Their writing often suffers from phonetic or inventive spelling, lack of richness, limited detail, and incoherence. These students need the word prediction program that has empowered more written self-expression than any other tool. Co:Writer is the only word prediction program to use Linguistic Word Prediction™ intelligence. For students who struggle with translating thoughts into writing, there is no other tool that more accurately interprets what they intend to say. Co:Writer's ability to improve writing coherence, richness and detail surpasses all imitators. Expand Written Vocabulary for All Students Transform Hesitant Writers into Competent Writers Improve Written Articulation on any Topic in any Genre The eWordBank expands core vocabulary by turning receptive vocabulary into productive vocabulary for more fluent writing Linguistic Revision (only available with Co:Writer) helps students use enriched vocabulary while revising and editing Research based strategies break the failure cycle. Students quickly regain confidence and motivation. Easy-to-use interface and tools guide correct phonetic spelling and build grammatically correct sentences as students type. The Setup Wizard provides easy personalization for individual writing needs and skills. Industry-standard Linguistic Word Prediction and FlexSpell™ persuade, describe or compare and contrast. The eWord Bank and included Topic Dictionaries give targeted vocabulary support when writing on any topic and in any genre Genre Topic Dictionaries add additional vocabulary for purposes to explain, persuade, describe or compare and contrast Co:Writer Struggling writers typically do not write enough to effectively communicate their message. After they finish composing, their revisions and edits have little impact on the text quality. Write:OutLoud, the easiest-to-use talking word processor, increases writing quantity and improves writing quality through purposeful supports. Students write more and self-assess their work. Purposeful revision and editing tools help students make changes and improve their writing. Monitor Progress Quickly through Data Collection Self-Evaluate, Revise, and Edit Writing Quickly Monitor Progress through Data Collection Increase writing independence Reinforce writing instruction Reduce training time so students spend more time writing Natural sounding speech feedback gives students the power to self-evaluate word choice, sentence fluency and organization Mark for Deletion motivates students to write more, delete and reorganize Franklin Dictionary analyzes word intent as students edit Homonym Checker improves homonym awareness Easily analyze student writing with word count, sentence length, number of sentences, sequential words and number of high-level words Graph the progress over the school year and print it for student portfolios Review and add comments to student work