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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0476

    Item Title/Name: Alphasmart Neo Keyboard

    Vendor Name: Ablenet Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $229.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: Neo is the affordable, easy-to-use laptop that's truly dedicated to learning. Since Neo is approximately one-fourth the cost of a conventional laptop, it's simple and inexpensive to equip an entire classroom with Neos. Neo is simple to operate. Just turn it on and go. Perhaps best of all, Neo is dedicated to learning. It contains none of the distractions found on conventional laptops: Internet, email, or games. Neo is committed toward helping you motivate your students toward educational achievement. Neo has a full-size keyboard and large LCD screen, making it ideal for word processing across the curriculum, improving keyboarding skills, and quizzing. With a single keystroke, you can transfer Neo's word processing text to any Macintosh or Windows computer so you can store any student's work and examine it at your convenience. The on-board Beamer SmartApplet allows your students to share text files wirelessly with other Neos or Palm OS devices reliably and error-free. This capability helps to promote sharing of ideas and collaborative learning. ESD checkout includes soft case, manual, USB cable, Alphasmart Manager CD for Neo v.2.5 Mac/Win