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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0461

    Item Title/Name: Start to Finish Books: Tales from Mexico CD set Mac/Win (2006)

    Vendor Name: Don Johnston, Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $69.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: Tales from Mexico by Joan Stockbridge About the Book: These five fast-paced stories from Mexico are exciting, humorous, engaging, and informative. They will provide students with insights into various aspects of Mexican history and culture. The Weeping Ghost is the true story of La Malinche, the controversial Aztec woman who assisted Cortez in his conquest of Mexico. Lady Moon is a Mayan story that shows the Mayas' keen attention to the night sky. Stories such as Godmother Death and The Boy Who Was Never Afraid are drawn from the post-colonial period and reflect themes found throughout European folklore. Tricking Coyote is a favorite borderland story, pitting the large and unintelligent Coyote against a clever lamb, who tricks him over and over. The victory of the diminutive figure over a powerful adversary is a theme found throughout the world, but it is a special hallmark of Mexican folktales. About the Author: Joan Stockbridge was born in Boston in 1956. A former English teacher, she has been telling stories professionally since 1988. In addition to many articles and poems, her publications include Politics In the Purple Kingdom, Sheed and Ward, 1990. Set includes Computer version with quizzes/vocabulary and tracking; Audio book CD; Paperback;Manual and Quick reference guide.