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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0401

    Item Title/Name: Test Me Score Me vers 2.0 Win/Mac CD

    Vendor Name:

    Approximate Cost: $130.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: Test Me Score Me 2.0 allows alternative assessments for students with moderate to severe disabilities. Author using 31 types of images including JPEG, GIF, and even Boardmaker symbols (Windows Metafiles). You can also add animations to your tests using Animated Gifs or Quicktime or AVI movies. You can add text boxes and even record your own sounds or use existing MP3 files. Making a test is as simple as selecting images, adding text or sound files and then 'assigning' an answer by simply dragging and dropping an icon over an object. An answer can be an image, animated gif or text box. A student taking a test has all of the universal access methods that is included in the rest of our software. You can choose to mouse, touchscreen, single switch, two switch or IntelliKeys keyboard. Data collection is the key to the test taking. A snapshot of the question, the answer and a 'correct/incorrect' indication is recorded for each question. You can print the results out and include in the student's portfolio.