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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0394

    Item Title/Name: Intellitools Overlay Maker 3 Ver.3.1.0 Mac/Win XP CD (for use with intellikeys Keyboard)

    Vendor Name: Intellitools, Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $139.95

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: Create Overlays for Student Activities You can create custom overlays for any IntelliTools Classroom Suite activity. IntelliTools Classroom will create the keys for your overlays, which you can edit and print with Overlay Maker 3. Or you can create overlays with IntelliTools Classroom Suite and send them to the DynaVox 4, providing DynaVox users with access to IntelliTools Classroom activities. Next, it’s easy to make several versions of the overlay to meet the needs of different children: You can add or delete keys, or view as pictures, pictures and text, or text alone. Overlays can be as simple as a single key or as complex as 120 keys. Keys can perform basic actions such as inserting text or graphics into a document. They can also perform complex actions such as launching a series of multimedia images complete with animation and recorded sound. CD, Handbook and Overlays.