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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0393

    Item Title/Name: Intellitools Classroom Suite Ver. 4.0 Win XP & Mac

    Vendor Name: Intellitools, Inc.

    Approximate Cost: $299.95

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: IntelliTools Classroom Suite is a skill-building tool for K-8 students, designed to boost their achievement on standards-based tests and help meet Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) goals under the No Child Left Behind Act. It provides teachers with a systematic approach to critical skills practice. And it provides students with engaging practice activities to help them improve in reading, writing, and math. Teachers use IntelliTools Classroom to target critical learning areas and address the skills students need to master with curriculum-based practice activities. Students use IntelliTools Classroom to practice skills: it is engaging, interactive, motivational, systematic, and intentional in skill building, addressing the diverse needs of all students. IntelliTools Classroom tracks and reports students' work on practice activities and tests, providing teachers with immediate feedback on student performance. IntelliTools Classroom Suite is designed to provide multimedia activities for systematic practice and to record student responses – generating electronic portfolios that document student growth and achievement. Its unique design especially targets: Struggling readers and writers English language learners Students with special needs