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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0382

    Item Title/Name: Boardmaker w/ Speaking Dynamically Pro 6.0 2007 (Win)

    Vendor Name: Mayer Johnson

    Approximate Cost: $649.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: Boardmaker® is a communication and learning tool containing over 3000 Picture Communication Symbols™ (PCS™). It is designed to enhance the language and learning process for students of all levels. This graphic database is the perfect tool for educators and SLP's. It includes over 100 templates for creating schedules, worksheets, custom-made games and activities, and much more. The program allows you to create professional-looking communication displays, find and paste PCS™ into your display or another program, print your displays in black and white or color, import digital photos, and more. Speaking Dynamically Pro® is a dynamic screen communication software which allows you to use a computer as a powerful speech-output device. Speaking Dynamically Pro® can also be used to create interactive educational activities. Some of the features include: Text to speech, Recorded (digitized) speech, Pop-up boards, Ability to link boards, Random responses, Abbreviation expansion, Word prediction, Ability to build sentences with symbols or text, Ability to launch other programs and much more.