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    Inventory Number: ESD-SS-AT-0303

    Item Title/Name: Big Keys Plus (Qwerty) PC/Windows USB

    Vendor Name: RJ Cooper

    Approximate Cost: $165.00

    Availability: Available

    Model Description: This is a wonderful alternative keyboard for those with vision impairments, and/or physical and/or cognitive disabilities. All keys are easy to see: 1-inch square! 4 times normal size. Full tactile feedback, just like regular keys. BigKeys Plus comes in QWERTY or ABC key layout (BigKeys LX can be changed to ABC layout by you!) Easy-to-read key labels (large black printing on bright-white keys, or white characters on black keys). LX Contains all essential characters: 97 character keyset. Compatible with all major software packages. (Alt key maps to Command key on USB Macs) Just plug into your PC's keyboard or USB port (requires USB adapter) or your iMac, G3, or G4's USB port (requires USB adapter) in place of, or in addition to your regular keyboard. Includes USB adapter.